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Monday, 30 April 2007

Rock 'n roll!

We had a BBQ party on Sunday, which lasted from around midday until kiddies' bedtime. There were about 20 people all in all, including kids. Having parties for the adults to which the children are also invited is the way forward, IMHO. Theory is, the kids form a 'posse' and run around generally creating mayhem, but, more to the point, also ENTERTAINING EACH OTHER, thus negating the need for the parents to create additional diversion, thus allowing the parents to sit around in the sunshine drinking and gossiping.
A good old mate of mine who now lives in Hastings has taken this theory to the extreme by setting up a 'day club'. This is a club which takes place during the afternoon on a Sunday. Everyone does all the stuff you usually do in a nightclub, except in the afternoon with the kids in tow. Regular DJs play and the adults dance and drink (though probably don't take Class A drugs, as in most nightclubs these days), whilst in the corner a table is set up with paint and glue and stuff and the kids are left to amuse themselves. It sounds like excellent fun and I think I may instigate a London version.
One thing that made me laugh on Sunday. I knew I'd thrown a really good party because the wendy house at the bottom of the garden had been trashed. Rock 'n roll!


dulwichmum said...

We had a succession of wonderful BBQ's last summer, just myself and James, our two little children and perhaps one or two other friends and their children. At the end of the evening (7pm?), we put baby bath in the paddling pool, and all the children had their baths and went home in their PJs. A wonderful way to end a day in the garden.

Working Mum said...

Sounds wonderful. I must try that!

dulwichmum said...
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Dina said...

Oh how I know what you mean!! I hardly go out nowadays in the evening for the same reasons kids.... waking during the night and early morning, but like dulwichmum said we used to enjoy bbqs with some friends in the summer and kids play in the pool (kids small pool) and the rest falls into place like a jigsaw puzzle.