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Sunday, 1 April 2007

Paper Mountain

Nothing, but nothing, is under control in my life. What is absolutely least under control is the never-ending tottering piles of paper EVERYWHERE. Post arrives, junk mail flies through the letterbox, letters are sent home from school, newspapers and magazines are consumed and flung to one side.... and then there are all the DRAWINGS. Eden, age 5 (going on 13) is prolific. I started out trying to keep her artworks but now maintain a scrapbook of a few of the best examples only. Nathan's scribbles currently get filed in the bin pretty much straight away. He doesn't qualify for a scrapbook until he produces something vaguely recognisable. Life is so much harsher for second and third children... Anyhooo, this morning I spent TWO HOURS sifting through the staggering heaps of paper and I still have three enormous piles left. I create a recycle pile, a file pile and an 'action' pile. The whole experience is enough to give one piles, that's for sure.

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