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Monday, 2 April 2007


Forgot to say yesterday, the presentation went really well Friday in the end. Clearly I should prepare more conference speeches on the way home from the pub after a couple of glasses of wine. Or perhaps it was the finishing touches that I put together in the cab on the way to the conference? Really, the whole thing was just my life in microcosm: a total SOPJ (seat-of-pants-job). I am fond of this acronym, which I learned from a canny IT project manager who used it to describe a project I had just finished working on with him. I wonder, will I one day do something really thoroughly and perfectly or will my life always be this way? It seems to me quite often that I raise my kids by the same methodology. For instance, I only just got Eden's school applications through in the nick of time because another parent casually asked me which schools I had put down on the application forms, which reminded me to call up the local council, pretend I had never received the forms and get a late application accepted. Phew. Sometimes this approach to life can be a little stressful, but it's certainly never dull. And I like to believe the kids think it's more fun.

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