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Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Princesses are not quitters!

As it's the Easter holidays I let Eden (5) stay up late tonight. As a very special treat she came with me to the beauty salon at 7pm and kept the beautician entertained with her banter and me distracted from the intense pain of having my legs and bikini line waxed. Honestly, as if one doesn't have enough to do without having to find time to stay fuzz-free... Anyway, having treated her to an outing that kept her out way beyond her bedtime we snuggled up at home together to read a bedtime story. She chose Princesses are Not Quitters by Kate Lum, which is superbly illustrated by Sue Hellard. I love the moral of this story, which illustrates the sticky situations which can develop when one imagines the grass is greener on the other side, and demonstrates the idea that there is nobility in hard work as long as a little fun is had along the way. If you're bored of your current stock of bedtime stories for girls aged 4-7, this one comes highly recommended. As Eden fell asleep in my arms she whispered, "Mummy, you're a Princess." I replied, "I'm not sure about that sweetheart - but I'm certainly no quitter."


Anonymous said...

How lovely is that!

As a girl starved mother of boys who never say things like that, I think she is a princess.

Anonymous said...

That is lovely to hear! Thanks so much. I was just googling around to see what was happening with my books, and came across your blog. I wrote "Princesses Are Not Quitters" for my daughter Allie when she was about the age of yours, and it's so nice for me to know it's being enjoyed.

Best wishes,

Kate Lum