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Wednesday, 18 April 2007

On the box

I was on telly today! My, it was exciting. I appeared for a total of four and a half minutes on Working Lunch' on BBC2 to talk about the future of the book. I only found out yesterday that I was going to be on, which is a good job as I was nervous as hell from that point onwards. Irony of ironies, last night was the first night in, ooh, about five and a half years, that all of my children slept right through the night... but I of course didn't, as I was too bloody nervous about being on LIVE TV today! (Did I mention I was on the telly today? And that it was LIVE?!) Anyway, I took extra care over my appearance this morning (actually ironed a dress; held Ava's porridge spoon at a great distance when feeding her her breakfast; wiped everyone's faces before kissing them goodbye, etc), took a deep breath and left for work, hoping against hope that I wouldn't be asked any overly difficult questions - or worse, that my mind would go a complete blank and I'd have nothing to say. In hindsight the latter concern was utterly ridiculous. Me, without anything to say? Friends and family of mine, feel free to scoff loudly. I have to say that in the end I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience. The good old Beeb treats you really well. They send a car to fetch you, whisk you through make-up and on to meet the slick and highly professional presenters, then it's on with the show, and, before you know it, it's all over and they have subtly steered you through the whole process without making you look like a complete prat. I was impressed. It was so nice to come home tonight though. I immediately threw jeans and a T-shirt on, relieved not to have to look 'presentable' any more, pulled my kids to me and kissed them as they yelled, "We saw you on telly, Mummy!!" with not a little excitement. It's a good job they and my Mum were watching, cos I'm not sure who else was ....


Lucy Diamond said...

Wow, how exciting! Well done. I felt nervous for you just reading about it!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wow WOW! fantastic and well done; how I wish I'd seen you - darn!

You are very brave!! And total kudos for avoiding the oatmeal!