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Sunday, 8 April 2007

Easter Egg Hunt

Being a Very Bad (Working) Mother I was too busy last week to plan properly for Easter. And then of course I wrote off Good Friday by spending the whole of this holy day with a hangover. (Did I mention that I was a Very Bad Mother?) Thus it came to pass that it was only last night that I raced to buy my beautiful children their Easter eggs. Imagine my horror when I found the Easter egg aisle of our local Sainsburies COMPLETELY BARE. As I had of course left it to the very last minute to organise, all the other local shops were closed. But would you believe it, Blockbuster Video came to the rescue. As I whizzed through to pick up a copy of Casino Royale for yesterday evening (may I just say in passing, Daniel Craig: PHWOOOAAR) I spied some rather lonely looking eggs by the tills. And so it was that Eden (5) received a 'Simpsons' Easter egg this morning, while Nathan (2) was shouting, "Egg! Egg! Choclit!" in sheer rapture at the sight of his 'Spiderman' one. Of course I needn't have worried. Neither of them gave a flying hoot what was on the packaging. It was the choclit inside that counted. Later on, as I sat in the garden and watched them 'painting' the patio with water from an old bucket and making pictures with stones, happy as larry, it occurred to me that sometimes we really do make a silly fuss about bringing up children. Chocolate, sunshine and love are pretty much all they require.


Anonymous said...

Daniel Craig - double, triple PHWOAR!!

Hope your poor head is all better! You are so right about hangovers being absolute hell when on ehas children. I swear to God I'm never having one ever again!! LOL!

Working Mum said...

Ah, another Craig fan. Hurrah! I still haven't touched a drink since Thursday.... ;-)

Heidi said...


(love the blog by the way!)

Jan said...

Hello ms Baby Juggler!
I'm NOT sure HOW I arrived here but I've enjoyed it..
I admire your humour your honesty and your great attitude to whatwillprobably be the most HeCTic time of your life... ( take this from one who's been there and probably lost the Tshirt under her bed or in the SAinsbury trolley.. )
And good to know the next publishing "phenomoana" is actually choclit..
And I so much agree about chocolate love and sunshine...
And I also agree about not worrying too much or fussing too much or piano lessoning/drama grouping/swimming lessoning too much.
THey will suddenly be happy confident 20/30 somethings so Enjoy !!

Working Mum said...

Hey Heidi, nice to hear from you. There seems to be a right south east London vibe going on here. I've noticed lots of people posting comments on this blog are from around these parts! Your blog is great, too, and I shall add it to my blogroll.

Working Mum said...

Hello Jan, thanks for the lovely long comment. It's great to get feedback like this. I take it from what you say that you have grown-up kids? All credit to ya!