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Friday, 20 April 2007

Back to normality

Phew. I've had a lovely, NORMAL day today. Nothing special to report. It was just so nice NOT dashing about being a professional type. The whole BBC thing on Wednesday was really somehow exhausting and it really is a relief that's over. Today I just slung jeans, pumps and a t-shirt dress on, took the kids to a local playgroup, drank coffee, gossiped, met some other mums and kids for lunch, did a spot of shopping and hung out in the garden of one of my bestest Mum pals. We sipped white wine, enjoyed the spring sunshine and watched our children run, shout, laugh, play in the wendy house, scoot about on trikes, have a picnic tea and generally just be. We had such a relaxing time that it was late by the time we thought of leaving, so we ended up putting them all through the bath together and throwing mine into their pyjamas before the drive home. Driving into the oncoming darkness, the sky turning a lazy pink, the kids contented in the back, the smell of washed hair and milk emanating from them all, I just felt soooooo happy. Life is good sometimes, innit?


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Simply bliss!