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Wednesday, 14 March 2007

Staying on top of it

The bottom line issue for the working mum is 'staying on top of it all'. On a good day, like today, I feel totally in control. The sun was shining this morning and after getting everyone out of bed, washed, dressed and breakfasted I had a productive journey into work (read newspaper, fired off a number of emails, wrote to do lists -work and home), and still managed to arrive at work early (wearing a vaguely coordinating outfit AND make-up!), prepare in an unhurried manner for my first meeting, run the meeting, metaphorically bang a few heads together that were badly in need of banging, type up notes of meeting, fire off some more emails, go for a lovely author lunch and get home early in order to join a conference call with the USA followed by a parent/teacher meeting at Eden's school. Having ascertained that Eden is doing as well as I'd hoped at school I was home before dark to read stories to the older kids, play with jigsaws, jiggle the baby on my knee for a bit, tidy up the zoo (sorry, I mean living room), cook everyone's supper and generally behave like a domestic goddess until bedtime. On days like today I feel light and airy and rather pleased with myself. But so often I feel quite the opposite. I get up, get everyone half-dressed and throw some breakfast in the vague direction of the children before running out of the door forgetting at least one item of clothing, my purse, or some other vital accoutrement. I then spend the day running to catch up through hopeless, endless meetings and get back on the train home wondering what I've really achieved before hitting the maelstrom of stroppy children waiting for my return. I don't really have any answers as to why some days go like today whilst others feel like more of a roller coaster ride in a zoo. But hey, variety is the spice of life!

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James Long said...

I'm amazed and impressed. Welcome back :D