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Tuesday, 20 March 2007

More on poo

They say having children can bring a welcome sense of perspective on the trials and tribulations of working life. But sometimes my children seem to bring a whole new meaning to this seemingly noble cause. Last night I rushed home to see them as usual after a busy but quite stimulating and rewarding day. I arrived in a somewhat sodden state having been caught in a snowstorm between the bus stop and home wearing only a flimsy dress and jacket (really, global warming effects make it soooo difficult to plan ones wardrobe!) to be greeted by an immediate poo crisis. First, as soon as 6 month old Ava was placed on my lap by my exhausted husband, she unceremoniously and noisily filled her nappy with one of those unstoppable poos that just.. goes... everywhere. Coming back downstairs from the clean-up operation that ensued, involving complete chanegs of clothes for all concerned, I was greeted by 5 year old Eden hopping out of the downstairs loo, knickers and tights around ankles, grinning sheepishly and muttering something about an 'accident'. Sighing exasperatedly, I set to fixing the mess whilst smiling through gritted teeth to maintain the impression that I was still delighted to be home from the office surrounded once more by my angelic children. There followed a short period of respite before we all trooped upstairs to begin the bath and bedtime regime. At which point Ava projectile vomited all over the changing table, herself and me. So yes, kids bring perspective alright. There's nothing like a poo-and-spew incident to bring you back down to earth. Not much phases me in the working world these days. And when people talk about the shit hitting the fan, I just smile a knowing smile to myself.

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