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Monday, 12 March 2007

The magic of the tooth fairy

Going back into the office today was a shock to the system after a day sunning myself in the garden while Ava gurgled in her baby rocker and the older kids cooked mud and twig soup in their plastic tea set. Sat for most of the day in a strategy session for another division, wondering whether what I was able to contribute really counted for anything. Disconnecting is always hard after a tough day when your brain has been challenged and you feel you haven't achieved as much as you should. Sometimes I feel it takes me 5 minutes to shut out thoughts that have followed me home from work, sometimes it can take an hour or so. I know one working mum who suggests changing in to different clothes before going to greet the children, just to mark the 'transition' from work to home. Tonight though, as on most nights, I was given no time to adjust gently from one sphere to the other. I was greeted in the hall as soon as I had crossed the threshold of the front door by what could easily have been mistaken for a small herd of elephants but was in fact Eden (5), closely followed by Nathan (2), gallumphing towards me screeching delightedly about a lost tooth. Yes, Eden lost her first tooth today. And yes, I felt that sentimental tug that accompanies so many 'firsts' in the lives of one's children. Best of all, the excitement engendered in my small ones by this news and the animated discussion that followed about the impending visit of the tooth fairy was just the magic I needed to separate me fully from my working self. But being only a beta mum I have realised that I have no idea how much money one pays these days for a first tooth. Anyone else familiar with the current tooth fairy rate card?! P.S. Also slightly concerned about the fact that Eden carefully spelt out "Toof fairy" on the envelope when we tucked her tooth away this evening - the price we pay for living in darkest south east London?

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VanessaR said...

We have established a going rate of £1 per tooth but £1.50 for a molar. Taking the tooth (that just came out in maths) out of your pocket to show Jamie P and promptly dropping it down the sink doesn't result in a tooth fairy visit but does result in a compensatory copy of the Dr Who Battles in Time comic.

Hope your tooth fairy was up to date!