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Thursday, 10 May 2007


Last night, Paul and I went to a gig at Scala in Kings Cross. I use the word 'gig' advisedly, because this was no middle aged person's 'concert'. Oh deary me, no. This was your proper dark, sweaty, beer-strewn venue and the band was Electrelane, an all-girl indie guitar band (think Stereolab with riffs) who all look about twelve. Well, their guitars almost dwarfed them, anyway. But oh, was it cool. And very, VERY loud.
As I'm sure you all know, us Working Mums don't really do sweaty gigs or nightclubs much anymore. There is a Good Reason for this. We are TOO TIRED. We know we won't get a lie-in to recover the next day. We know that probably, somewhere between going to bed extraordinarily late (after midnight!!) and getting up extraordinarily early, we will be woken up by one or another of our small people. And if alcohol has been imbibed on top of the staying up late, then you're REALLY in trouble.
But do you know what, going to that gig last night really made my week. For just a few hours I wasn't anyone's Mum, nor was I a smart, professional publishing type. I was just someone in a heaving crowd of music lovers, swaying to the synthy music, letting everything flow over and around me.
Of course, as we left, realised how late it was, and panicked because we couldn't find a cab, my other life started pulling me back along that familiar thread. And tonight I skipped a book launch party because I couldn't quite stand TWO nights out away from the kids. I'm an indie kid no more, but it's good to know the rock chick in me hasn't completely died ;-)


spymum said...

And it never will! Rock on!

Working Mum said...

I thank you. LOL! ;-)