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Thursday, 24 May 2007

Cinderella's Bottom

Too ill to post much in an intelligent vein, so thought I'd rave about "Cinderella's Bum", a book to save you from the intense boredom of reading the usual bedtime story fare. This one is irreverent and wickedly funny as well as teaching girls just the right way to think about their bodies. I wish I could still have the perspective of my five year old, Eden, about the state of my sorry physique. Of my southwards-journeying boobs she simply commented the other day, "Why don't you just get the doctor to remove them, then? You don't need them anymore, anyway, do you?" Ahem. Slightly more cheeringly, after a rip-roaring telling of "Cinderella's Bottom" tonight, she murmured to me as she drifted off, "I think your bottom is as beautiful as a princess's, Mummy." Ah, thank goodness for my greatest fan.


beta mum said...

My children take great delight in telling me how fat I am, my daughter calls me Big Bottie, and they like to make my stomach wobble when they lay their heads on it.
I tell them it's much more comfey to have a soft tummy for them to lie on than a hard, flat one.
They nod, I sigh.

Jan said...

One's children ground you, don't they??( Literally, sometimes)