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Wednesday, 30 May 2007

Blogged off

Pride comes before a fall, so they say. I've clearly been far too self-congratulatory about all the gallavanting I've been up to of late; patting myself on the back for combining work, play AND children whilst managing to hold myself back from the edge of extreme exhaustion / insanity. The last week or so has really brought me down to earth with an ear-splitting crash. First, there was the lurgy last week. Bank holiday weekend seemed to have seen that off, but then last night, I had put Ava and Nathan to bed, read a bedtime story with Eden, and was about to say goodnight when she asked (as she often does) whether I could climb in to her bed and give her a cuddle before going downstairs. It was just before 8pm. I agreed. To be honest, the thought of lying down in her cosy little bed really appealed. We snuggled up together like spoons, and she burbled about her day for a while, slowly winding down like a little clockwork doll, until her voice trailed off and I could tell from her breathing that she had fallen asleep. I lay there for a while, thinking about my day.... and the next thing I knew, I was waking up and it was after 11pm. The evening had passed and I'd spent it asleep in my daughter's bed. I wandered downstairs feeling faintly cross that I'd wasted the evening and wondering whether there will ever be a time when life isn't quite this insanely tiring. Of course, when I asked Paul whether he hadn't wondered where I was all evening, he simply replied, "Oh, I assumed you were writing your blog!"
Right, I'm off for a radox bath. Oh, what a racy life I lead! ;-)


ann michael said...

I can relate to that story. Whenever my husband or kids don't see me around for a while they assume I'm blogging or working.

My kids are older than yours (16, 15, and 13), but they are still demanding in a different sort of way.

Something tells me that you do manage to get it all done - so be proud (and not too hard on yourself)!

Working Mum said...

My goodness, Ann - yours are pretty close in age, too, aren't they? You have even more to be proud of by the sounds of it. I already dread surviving the teenage years... Anyway, I think I get most things done, at least in a half-arsed way, and then I generally collapse in a state of exhaustion... Hey-ho!

ann michael said...

Ah...half-arsed is all in the eyes of the beholder! I prefer to think of it as having realistic expectations. Sure my house could be cleaner - but no one is catching any foul diseases!

And there's something quite satisfying about collapsing in well-earned exhaustion - isn't there?!

Don't be too worried about teen agers - they have their rewards too.

I really enjoy reading about your escapades!!!! It's nice to know that many of us are working through the same things.

Stay at home dad said...
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