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Thursday, 18 October 2007

The wanderer returns

Hello again. Sorry. It's been a while, I know. It's taken a few emails and concerned enquiries along the lines of, "What's happened to babyjuggler? Is she ill?" to spur me to write again. Thing is, I've just been a teensy weensy bit busy. My after work routine has been reduced to: stagger through front door, eat supper with kids, prop eyes open with matchsticks whilst bathing them, reading to them and putting them all to bed, collapse in stupour on sofa and watch some TV, be led by the hand up to bed by my ever-sympathetic husband. Blogging somehow was the last thing on my list of things to do and always slipped gently off the list round about 9pm each evening as I wandered wearily past the computer on my way upstairs to bed.
In my last post I blogged about the planning I was doing for my ex-CEO's leaving bash. The night before last, it all went off, seemingly, without a hitch. Over 350 people turned up, there was a great buzz, the band really rocked, the drinks didn't run out, all the gifts were ready in time, the food was good and, most importantly of all, it seems the main man had a great time. Phew.
Quite a lot of other things have happened since my last post. Firstly, we announced the appointment of our new CEO: Annette Thomas. Annette is a mere snip of a girl at only 42, but she has all the stature and dynamism and creativity and sheer ballsiness that will be required to do the job. She's also a brilliant publisher and, more importantly, she's really nice. Oh, and she has FOUR KIDS. So babyjuggler has a lot to live up to, but really, what better precedent could there be?
Apart from that, Paul and I managed to slip in a romantic weekend away in Paris - sans children (yes! Can you believe it?) - more on that anon; I attended the Frankfurt Book Fair; I celebrated my 36th birthday (quite drunkenly but this time WITHOUT falling over) and I squeezed in some work and a bit of QT with my kids somewhere along the way. So, there you are. Do you forgive me now for the radio silence?


Richard Charkin said...

The party was the best ever. Everything worked and even the bits that might not have worked were fixed in advance. I’m still telling everybody about it. The only problem, Sara, is that by doing it so well you’re in danger of becoming a full-time party organiser rather than what you really are - the best digital (and non-digital) publisher in Britain.

Leigh Russell said...

No - you don't need to go on. I wasn't keen on 'White Teeth' but loved all the other books you mention on your profile. Interesting to read about your juggling. I'm an author but only started writing when my kids left home, after years of juggling work & family. It's a tough call, but it sounds like you're enjoying it. Do you read crime fiction? (what I write)

Working Mum said...

Richard: Thank you. You are too kind. You were the best boss ever and I miss you already. Posting nice comments on my blog isn't helping the withdrawal symptoms. Sniff :-(

Leigh: Nice to hear from you. I don't read *much* crime fiction, though I do like Peter James for a light bed-time read (we publish him). My husband reads more of this kind of thing. If I was going to try one of your novels, which would you suggest I start with?