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Wednesday, 24 October 2007

Clog cleanse

I had the most wonderful day yesterday. Noticing that my diary was clear of meetings (minor miracle) I decided to take a day at home to clear an email backlog that was starting to make me blush. I had over 300 emails unread and more than 450 in total in my inbox. After about six or seven hours solid work opening, responding, filing or deleting I had reduced the number to a manageable 32 and was able to breathe at last. The feeling of relief was palpable. A weight was lifted from my shoulders. Seems to me, email clog is the digital equivalent to scum around the bath, dirt in your toe nails or an uncompleted tax return. Cleaning it up, sorting it out, is a boring but necessary task which, once done, imbues you with a sense of satisfaction and liberation that is not really directly proportional to the achievement itself. It's just something that has to be done to prevent that 'out of control' feeling. So liberated was I, that I decided finally to spend a precious half an hour or so getting myself set up on facebook. Everyone's been nagging me about it for ages and the rebel in me resisted joining in with yet another 'craze'. But I have finally succumbed. And I'm already hooked. Especially since I've been able to import my blog onto my profile using Flog. Brilliant.

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