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Thursday, 5 February 2009


I have been getting really quite cross with all those people grumping about the snow.
"It's pathetic, isn't it, how the UK grinds to a halt when there's a bit of bad weather?"
"Businesses will lose three billion pounds over the next few days of snow!"
"It's great for the kids, but not for anyone else."
And I nearly blew my lid when I heard about so-called Parenting Groups complaining about school closures. That is just Boringness gone mad.
Well, yah, boo, sucks to the lot of you for being so very glass-is-half-empty and not embracing the inner snowman-builder and snowball-thrower in you. Snow is like Christmas. It is so much better if you embrace your inner child and just bloody well jump right in and enjoy it.


sally said...

go sister!

MOD said...

I couldn't agree more.. bring it on.