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Thursday, 1 January 2009

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year, everyone! Did all your Christmas wishes come true? Have you made (or broken) any New Year's Resolutions yet?
Let me tell you about one of my Christmas wishes, and how the Holiday Season has thoroughly put paid to it, and how that has informed myThorough Commitment to Stop Nagging Paul (NYR No 1):
Well, for a few months now, I have been quietly wondering whether it might be nice to just have one, extra, (final, I promise) teeny, weeny baby. Surely it wouldn't make that much difference, would it? Four rather than three? No problem. Sure, we'd have to buy one of those silly cars... And possibly move house. And I'd have to get another promotion sooner rather than later. And my saggy stomach would be lost beyond reason (I mean, even worse than it is now) and would never, but never, be the same again. But really, what could be easier? One extra would just slip right in. Wouldn't it? Actually, when I say, "Quietly wondering", that's not quite right. In fact it's a fib. I have been quite loudly remonstrating with my other half and suggesting he should stop being so bloody sensible and boring and let me have another one, and he has been loudly remonstrating right back at me that this might not actually be the most brilliant idea I have ever had. Sigh.
However, when I found myself standing in the checkout queue in Ikea three nights before Christmas at ELEVEN FORTY-FIVE PM buying frames in which to mount Star Wars pictures for my son (further to a 10pm visit to Toys R Us for last-minute stocking fillers) I did wonder, "Is my life just a tiny bit FULL already?..." And then the next night, when it was midnight and Paul and I found ourselves arguing over the best way to wrap a Jedi Fighter Craft and we still had, ohh, about FORTY FIVE presents to wrap, the thought began to niggle at me further.
Of course, all the sensible-ness was ruined on Christmas Day when I surveyed my little brood ripping the paper back off all those gifts and laughing and smiling and cuddling us and I thought, "Oh, wouldn't it be nice to have just one more?"....
But dragging three kids round the post-Christmas sales really finished me off.
So, no. I am resolved. And NYR No. 1 actually is: "Stop Nagging Paul for Another Baby and Enjoy What You Have While Holding on to Your Sanity For Dear Life."
More New Year's Resolutions to follow.


sally said...

Just in case:-
3 fit in a car - 4 (or more if twins, triplets etc) don't!
moving house should always be avoided with any number of children
Family discounts don't allow for more than 3 children
Twins triplets etc increase in chance the a. older the mum, b. the more pregnancies, c. the more you depend on only having 1 more!
The size of cooking pots for a family of 6 has to increase and so do the storage problems
You can never move to a smaller house as you get older as the family will not fit when visiting with the assorted partners and children
last but no least the cost of 2 children is roughly double the cost of one, but the 3rd costs three and a half times more and the 4th about five times more (cause things wear out after a couple) and your washing machine will never last longer than 2-3 years.
Don't do it!!!!!!

Crissy said...

I'm in the US and I just heard on the radio this morning about a news clip of a mom with three complaining that she had no time to "try" for a 4th. Hello, that should be a huge red flag right there. But, further, there is a company now called Booty Call (seriously?) that will send alerts to busy career-woman/moms that can't remember when to "try". Know when to say when.

And, on that note, I just had my 2nd and already pestering my husband for a 3rd. Hence, the reason I'm reading your blog. Trying to decide for myself if 3's a good idea.

Working Mum said...

Ladies, I hear you. It is all academic in any case as Paul is way more sensible than me and controls the, erm, pant strings.

I'm loving the Booty Call idea. 'Only in America'... as they say over here in Blighty!

One Reader said...

Lol at 'the pant strings'!

Good luck with resisting those broody urges... I know exactly what you mean...