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Sunday, 30 November 2008

Err, a post. Only three weeks late.

OK. I am officially *not* on top of things. Here, finally, is the post I started writing three weeks ago. Oops.

Not sure whether I'm juggling at the moment or taking part in some other circus-style activity. Like being the chick who has the knives thrown at her, or fire-breathing, something like that. Let me try to summarize. Quickly. Cos I'm in a bit of a rush.

Monday: started new job (I got promoted - yay!). Spent day with new team, hoping to inspire them to new heights of achievement. In fact almost dead with exhaustion after night dealing with bed-wetting incidents, coughing fits and other random calls for motherly comfort and attention. Felt like head was detached from body. Seriously concerned about my ability to stay vertical for whole day let alone lead a new team into a bright digital future.

Tuesday: Woke up to find leaden lump in bed beside me: sick husband unable to get out of bed. It was Day Two of The New Job and I was going to have to stay at home. Hustled kids to school and called office to let them know I'd be on emergency childcare duty and would have to conference call in to any meetings. Made camp on sofa for Ava, put cBeebies on a loop, provided cookies and juice and a pile of books and sat down to write a presentation for Wednesday. Two hours later I had just picked Nath up from school and settled him into the camp next to my computer, when the junior school office rang to say Eden was sick; could I come and collect her? Made camp for all three on my bed, brought up stack of DVDs, tin of biscuits and jug of juice and sat down to finish presentation. Long story, short: finished presentation at 10.30pm after rather fraught day interspersed with regular calls to attend to vomiting members of my family.

Wednesday: Awoke 5.30am to get to airport for flight to Copenhagen to speak at conference about digital publishing. Almost delirious with exhaustion. Multiple coffees only solution. Arrived Copenhagen late morning, taxi to Opera for publishing conference, skipped lunch, made presentation. Drank more coffee, took part in panel discussion, quick tour of opera house and back to the airport to fly home. Arrived home 10.30pm. Watched Obama victory coverage on telly with large glass of wine. Cried every time someone said anything remotely emotive re this historic moment. Which was about every five seconds. Fell into bed.

Thursday: Woke up with palpable sense of relief that I was still alive and basically cognitive. The thought of a comparatively normal day in the office was the most welcome thing I could remember in a long time. Attended catch-up with boss. He asked me how the first week had been. "To be honest, a little bit crazy", I said. "But don't worry, I'm on top of it." ;-)

[That was three weeks ago. I'll bring you up to speed with everything else, umm, some time in the near future. I hope.]

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sally said...

ahh the joys of parenthood - and you work for money on top of it as well - mad or saintly not sure which!