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Friday, 12 September 2008

Happy Birthday, Ava!

It is Ava's second birthday today. She loves her new corduroy mouse bag. She loves her new 'birthday books'. She loves it when people spontaneously break into renditions of 'Happy Birthday to you' whenever they see her. She loves it that I can't stop picking her up and nuzzling her head and kissing her all over and telling her she was the best surprise I've ever had. She has no idea what a birthday is but she knows it's good. And she slept right through the two and a half hours I was out recording the radio show. Phew.

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sugarmama said...

Happy Birthday Ava! God bless you.

My Julia will turn 2 beginning of October. She too is the biggest surprise I've ever had.

Great blog. Dina told me about it.