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Thursday, 30 August 2007

Kid lag

Hello. I'm back on the blog. Y'know when I said the blog might be 'intermittent' over the holidays? Well, I lied. Turned out both in order to truly relax and to save my marriage from imminent disaster my unhealthy relationship with the laptop had to go. The Crackberry got less attention than usual, too. I didn't even read a newspaper. This was all to the good and I returned to work this week full of vim and vigour (or something). Only problem was, I'd tuned out so effectively from the 'real world', things seemed slightly surreal on my return. I'd immersed myself completely into that eternal summer holiday vibe that children seem to generate during the long break, where the days seem to go on forever, there's really nothing to rush for, no schedule is required, only fun must be had, and bedtimes retreat to a later and later point each evening. It's taken a couple of days back in the office to remember exactly what is I'm supposed to do there, and exactly why I do it. As a colleague sweetly put it today, "You don't have jet lag, you have 'kid lag'".

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