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Monday, 9 July 2007

Nice to have known you

It comes to something when people to whom you thought you were really quite close start to comment that they are glad to hear that you've emerged from a rough patch or that you had a good weekend - when actually they only know this because they read it on your blog. I did wonder whether life had started to proceed at such a whirlwind pace that it was all beginning to get slightly out of control, when my very own Dad made just such a comment this weekend. So Dad, if you're reading, I love you. You're the best Dad ever.
The four day break that I just had was in fact a great sanity check in a more general sense. I slowed down pretty much to a snail's pace, hardly glanced once at the Crackberry, drank many cups of tea in various people's back gardens and watched my children prance around half naked in the sunshine watering the plants and each other out of plastic watering cans. Ah, the simple pleasures are the best! Just need to wind myself back up now to face the next onslaught at work. Now that I've been given the go ahead on two big projects I guess I'll actually have to get working to achieve them...


Dulwich Dad said...

I completely agree with you about the simple pleasures. What was once a crazy weekend of clubbing and late nights/early mornings talking gibberish, has now been replaced by football practise, sunshine bbq's, chablis and water fights...bliss!

I've linked you to my blog!

Drunk Mummy said...

My kids were desperate to water the plants this weekend too. We have had so much rain recently that within twenty minutes the garden looked like Glastonbury. I had to hose them down before I would let them back in the house.

Working Mum said...

DD - I agree with you entirely that the new style life is much better. Though I still regularly talk gibberish for very different reasons. Thanks so much for the link. I am reciprocating. There seems to be a hotbed of parent bloggers in saaf east London!

DM - what a lovely picture you paint. As the Persil add says, "Dirt is good!" (I've adopted it as my mantra)